Long Term
About Us

Speedlink Global Trade Pty Ltd ensures the most economical approach to both freight and funding by using infrastructure and knowledge built over more than 30 years in the importing industry. Using Speedlink Global Trade Pty Ltd will ensure you won’t have to worry about freight or funding leaving you with your cash flow intact and time to focus on your business growth.


Sourcing Procurement, product design, samples from well-known and trusted supplier networks based in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia offering multiple product range categories for all sizes of trading entities and organizations. Deep procurement process and category expertise across many industries.


Trade Funding Facilitation or Supply Chain Finance solutions on all new purchase orders via a unique proposition not affecting business existing cashflows or capital drawdowns or lengthy arduous processes from traditional funding sources. Low risk trade finance turn key funding solutions.


Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Warehousing, Customs brokerage and transport solutions as a competitive one stop shop offering for all your importing/exporting and distribution requirements.

All In One

Offices and agents in Asia, Australia and New Zealand offering a trusted network solution will full transparency on product sourcing and supply, fast capital funding, Freight and Logistics solutions. All offering an end-to-end service giving you product choice, supply chain management, increased control with visibility via a single management platform.

Our Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in the importing industry, which means we do far more than approving number based loans. We work with our clients in improving workflow, container capacity and even help sourcing higher quality products at a better price. At Speedlink Global Trade Pty Ltd we believe in growing together with our clients and with that forming long standing business relationships that will lead you to more successful businesses.

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At Speedlink Global Trade, we understand the need to operate with foresight, observance and agility to develop with the dynamism of the changing world. We transport all types of freight by air, land and sea to and from every continent. Compliance and safety are our top priority, our experienced team can develop customer specific transport and logistics solutions. Our solutions increase efficiency, lower costs and provide advantages in the market. Speedlink global trade uses an extensive network of trusted partners and agents to provide you the best cross border experience locally for all your international trading needs.